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Nestled in the beautiful Piedmont region of Virginia and North Carolina, we're only hours away from the mountains and the ocean. We're large enough to see our downtown's growing and developing while also offering entertainment and outdoor activities for the whole family.

Kenny and Theresa Lewis - Why Danville

"It's a great time, right now, to be a part of what's happening in Danville." - Kenny Lewis

Kenny and Theresa Lewis - Our Story

"I've just been blessed by this city" - Kenny Lewis

Kenny and Theresa Lewis - Community

"The community is your family - Theresa Lewis

Hosanna Blanchard - Why Milton

"My parents chose to come her and raise a family here because it is small, because it's safe,..." - Hosanna Blanchard

Hosanna Blanchard - My Story

"I decided I was going to stay put and really invest myself in improving the community" - Hosanna Blanchard

Hosanna Blanchard - Community

"People working together toward some kind of common goal." - Hosanna Blanchard

Busy Bee- Plugging In

"We've been able to plug-in and we know it's easy to get to know your council members, your commissioners, just anybody. You become friends rather than somebody that's kinda untouchable" - Nikki Bettis

Busy Bee - Our Story

"There are a lot of things you miss, living in the city." - James Bettis

Busy Bee - Community

"I think it means unity, honestly. Just a bonding of the core people here." - Nikki Bettis

Bill and Mary Lee Black - Why Chatham

"Come visit us once and you will stay." - Bill Black

Bill and Mary Lee Black - Our Story

"This is a very warm and friendly place to live." - Mary Lee Black

Bill and Mary Lee Black - Community

"To be a part of a community, that is what I like best about being here. Because we are part of one large community." - Mary Lee Black